[anna voice] IT’S TRUE LOVE!!!

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Lena’s very accurate episode recap in emojis



Rosetta Stone

My heart broke into tiny pieces when I read the Rosetta Stone tweet.

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You wanna tell me why you broke into the library last night?

The what? Oh, that’s what that place was. I just thought it was a poorly stocked pub.

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Who would’ve ever imagined that a 300-year-old pirate from a different land would know how to plan such a romantic date? Fancy Italian restaurant, pulling up a chair before he takes his, and making sure to walk her to her doorstep as she wears his jacket in order not to get cold. Take note, gentlemen (x).

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When Emma was leaning to the door at the end I felt like she was having a moment of realisation that she might have fallen in love with Killian before the charmings startled her. Is this true or am I reading too much into things ?


In a ship defined by it’s little moments, I think that was just one of them. 

Meaning—there have been a lot of times both Hook and Emma have realized how much they’re attracted to each other, both physically and emotionally, and those are their little moments.

But I agree with you, mostly—I think Emma is definitely reeling in the date. Reeling in how much she liked him, being normal and going on a nice date, and allowing herself to feel—and how right it went. 

I think she is realizing she loves him, but I also think that moment being it would be underselling it to the audience. It was too quick and too subtle for most people to take it as that. Emma realizing (saying) she loves him is going to be a big moment, with a big swell of music and all that. 

How is emma supposed to not give on on the one she loves if she doesn't know anythings up


Because he’s going to tell her??? LOL 

Compare this to the Zelena situation — Hook felt as if he wronged Ariel in the year without Emma, Zelena KNEW it haunted him and she manipulated him into doing her bidding. The Charmings also suspected him. He felt backed into a corner and he didn’t tell Emma and he almost LOST her because of it.

And now, Rumple is using the same tactic. He knows Killian has doubts about himself and his place at Emma’s side and he manipulated Killian into doing his dirty work. But this time, the Charmings think he’s changed. Emma thinks he’s changed. He really HAS to come clean about this. 

Ask yourself, what even is the point of this storyline if he DOESN’T come clean about it? Colin said we’d be happy with his development this season and I believe him. I believe in Killian.

when killian switches modes from playful banter to serious romancing and his voice drops even lower that he basically whispers ‘will you go out with me again’ with so much uncertainty and hope in his voice like maybe she’ll say no what if she still doesn’t like me what if she steals my new jacket like doesn’t it give your heart a little squeeze because they’re so precious and new at this together and so perfect whispering about next time they’ll spend more time together later into the night in Emma’s own place without interruptions or ogling parents and alone together finally and it’s just so easy and precious and coffee is the new tacos im gonna go cry about it now bye

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